My System

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine
— John C. Maxwell

Habits are immensely powerful. You know that already. My own system continuously changes as my world and I continuously evolves. Actions express priorities.

Many have asked what my system looks like so here is a snapshot. Hope it helps you in creating your own system:

Last Update: 2019-05


  • Powerlifting training (4x/week heavy training for 2-3 hours + 2x/week for mobility for 20-40mins)

  • Morning 10min Cardio (Daily). Mainly bodyweight or stretching

  • Time restricted eating (Daily). 10 hour feeding window incl. coffee and 8 hour feeding window for foods

  • Blu-ray glasses at night (Daily). Allows melatonin build up for better sleep

  • Nutrition Generals: No pop, no smoking, rarely alcohol (1-2 beer per month on a non-lifting day), 4-5L of water, black coffee only, no juice, protein + fat focused meals

  • Drug of choice: I love pastries, waffles, pancakes.

  • Cold showers (Daily at 2min+). Old system was 30secs+ daily.

  • Sauna (2x/week at 25mins). Old system was 4x/week at 15mins,testing longer duration difference.

  • Facetime with parents (Weekly). Maintain Korean fluency.

  • Phone: Airplane mode in mornings. No social media. No notifications.

  • Quarterly 2-week retreat. This one is hard. But really trying to make it work.


  • Batching (Sunday to Saturday). Operations for OMD Ventures. Changed 3 intense batch days to make 7 easy batch days.

  • Deepwork 3-hour slot in morning.

  • Idea generating (Daily, 10 ideas). Train creativity.

  • Finance Budgeting (Weekly).

  • Investing (Touch it as little as possible). Long-only public equities. <10 holdings.

  • Spending: Amex cobalt credit card Canada. 5% back on 80% of my spending (i.e. dining/groceries). Convert points for free hotels when I travel. EQ bank for 2.3% savings on cash for bond-like returns.

  • Shopping: Books. Don’t need most things. Own 6 identical t-shirts and 4 identical sweaters I rotate through.


  • Journal (Daily: Morning + Night). Prep myself for the morning and night. Also keep track of all random thoughts. Reviewed monthly.

  • Morning pages. Per the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. 750 words digitally (equates to 3 pages).

  • Write (Daily, 1-hour). Writing is thinking.

  • Reading (Daily, min. 10pgs per day for 2 books/month). I ask myself: “Did I read enough today?”

  • Daily Learning. Listening, watching, reading, or conversing on something that will make me healthy, wealthy or wise for the weekly newsletter

  • No social media on phone (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)