#8 - Audit to owning and growing the Mos Mos coffee franchise with Armin Yassaie

Join in for a conversation with Armin Yassaie, co-owner of Mos Mos Coffee. Armin takes us into the competitive world of "third wave" coffee shops and we dive into the depths of what it takes to operate and grow a coffee franchise. We also explore the mental model for starting your own coffee shop and explore how Armin's experience from a family construction business played a factor to his jump to the world of coffee.

#7 - Audit to Fintech and Kindness to Venture Capital with Ricky Lai

#7 - Audit to Fintech and Kindness to Venture Capital with Ricky Lai

Join in for a conversation with Ricky Lai, Senior Associate at Portage Ventures. Follow Ricky's journey from an accountant's path to making incremental changes to transition to roles in Peter Thiel's Mithril Fund, a fintech company and finally to his current position at Portage. Ricky's journey to Portage is an example of how a habit of giving can create great opportunities. 

#6 - Law to Kenya to Tech. Defining Chief of Staff and Growth Executive with David Axler

#6 - Law to Kenya to Tech. Defining Chief of Staff and Growth Executive with David Axler

Join in for a conversation with David Axler, Head of Growth and Business Development at Wave Financial. Follow along as David describes how experiencing a rigged election and national uprising in Kenya influenced his decision to pursue a career in technology. Listen in on the path of one of Influitive's Chief of Staffs and how he designed his mental model for his career starting from working with Facebook ads in 2008 to eventually become the growth lead at an accounting software company.   

#5 - Consultant, Y-combinator alum, to investor and executive with Vikram Somasundaran

Join in for a conversation with Vikram Somasundaran, Y-combinator alum and VP of CPA Ontario. Vikram began his professional career in audit and traversed into consulting where he met his co-founder for their company: Edusight. We go through the journey of Edusight from inception whilst moonlighting, to transitioning full time, winning a pitch contest with no product, joining Y-combinator, the process of selling your company and how the journey continues afterwards.   

#4 - Audit, counter-terrorism to co-founder of Luminari with Michael Kravshik

Join in for a conversation with Michael Kravshik, the co-founder of Luminari. Luminari has emerged as the preeminent company that's been focused on helping career development for accountants in Canada. As a former accountant I dig into how Michael took the journey to entrepreneurship and we go though how a love for politics and counter-terrorism led to his first taste of startups. We then dig into the realities of starting a company and the process by which Luminari became the company it is today.  

#3 - Tax Accountant to Product Manager of WealthSimple with William Hillock

Join in for a conversation with Will Hillock, a product manager at WealthSimple. I first met Will when he kindly agreed to chat with me from a cold email. Our first conversation explored more of the product manager world but I wanted to use the podcast to dig deeper into what his mindset was like when he moved to Canada's two hottest tech companies: Shopify and WealthSimple. We also expand on the discussion of how his role in these technology companies evolved and what it is like now at WealthSimple. 

#2 - The Before and After of Big 4 Partnership with Chris Cornell

Join me in a conversation with Chris Cornell, a partner and people leader at KPMG's financial institutions audit practice. Chris was my former boss in my first job as an auditor and he continued to be a mentor that I confided in over the years. In this episode we take a look into what Chris' journey into partnership was like and how you end up embarking on a completely different journey as a partner and why he continues to stay in his role.