Welcome to the NOW page!

This page is dedicated to the various projects that I'm investing my time into currently... In case you care to know.

As of: September 17, 2018

Where: Toronto, Canada


OMD Ventures:

  • Weekly blog posts on the theme of “self-development systems” + weekly newsletter on daily learnings

  • Accounted For weekly podcast production. Looking to make this the preeminent career podcast for Canadian young professionals. Reached top 200 career podcasts in iTunes.

  • 10 Year project to build a brand as the go to company and person for everything in human development for business, investing and careers.

Next Career Move:

  • Looking for a role to combine my passion for human development with investing, business and careers. Where the process involves continuous learning through discussions with high performers of all aspects, thinking about the learnings and executing it by investing with human or financial capital. Investing in human capital would entail advising and coaching high performers on unlocking their potential by starting with self realization and organizational system development. The mental model is to join a scaling startup in a people development capacity.