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What is insulin and why does it matter? My interpretation and use.

Why do we exercise? Why do we eat healthy? Why is breakfast important? Why do you fast? 

Fitness and diet trends are everywhere. Some are mere fads, some have merit, some need more time to be proven out. 

One word that keeps popping up as having been the beneficiary of so many of the above questions is insulin. But I admit I don't really know that much about the hormone. Is insulin sensitivity good or not? What's resistance? What the hell does insulin do?

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How do you Learn, Think and Execute?

At a higher level, I think most jobs, roles, positions, occupations etc... have three major buckets where all activities would be slotted into: Learning, Thinking and Executing. 

Every job has components of it that fit under one of those three buckets but the amount of time one spends doing activities in each bucket will vary. Not to mention, how one goes about learning, thinking and executing will vary per role as well. 

What am I getting at? 

Well, here are some point of views from my professional experience as an auditor, consultant and investor. 

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Forced Terminations to Disengage Autopilot and Complacency in Organizations

See, for most people, if they were not forced out, they would never quit or leave. Some call this life-time job security. I think this is the death spiral.

As a system is the whole of parts, individualistic implosion from such a spiral will result in a systematic failure in organizations as a whole.

Needless to say, a system needs stressors.

It is in that thought process that I write about the value of termination.

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