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I don't care "What you do", "How do you spend your time"?

This is for me. Something I've felt and learned as I hit the 8th month of my sabbatical. 

A question I hate answering these days is "what do you do?"

To such a question my favourite response is: "Do you have 30 minutes for me to describe to you why, how and what I'm spending my time on because I don't have a socially defined and accepted definition of an occupation to give you?"

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Making conversation: Experiencing people in a world of screens and familiarity

Elevator to the coffee shop: three people staring at their phones. Lining up at Starbucks: two staring at their phones. In my seat as I type: two on the phone, one on phone mid conversation. 

Per my weekly report over the past month, I've been on Instagram 37 minutes per day with an average screen time of 3 hours and about 73 pick ups of my phone. 

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