About Me

Short Form in 2 minutes:

On the journey for optimal human development in the intersection of business, investing and careers

Personality: ENFJ, Questioner, Type 8w7 (Maverick)

Worked as an Investor, Management Consultant, and Accountant. Held world records in Powerlifting. Lived in 6 cities in 3 countries.

For those curious, this is where my time is invested NOW

Long Form:

Who Am I? Hi, old man Dan here. In case you didn't realize, I'm not actually old. I'm a lad in his 20s that was blessed with the name "old man dan" by my colleagues. Mainly because I like to sleep early, wake up at 5-6am, get angry at drunk hooligans, like to read on a Friday night, then read again for everyday of the week, like to give coworkers life advice on what they should be doing and have no shame or fear in saying what I stand by despite it going against conventional wisdom (which is nearly all the time).

What do I do?

Lift, Explore, Invest. Repeat.

I love to lift really heavy metal plates off the floor. I've been powerlifting since 17 and had the good fortune to add a couple world records and a world championship in my junior days (U23 years of age) before it got popular on what kids call Instagram. Since my glory days I had to get knee surgery and thanks to National healthcare it took 2 years + $400 for a 10min MRI in Korea. Now I'm back on the hunt to become a world champion against some real strong fellas that are much younger.

The serial explorer in me has also led to a desire to travel constantly. So far I've lived in 6 cities (I'm going to count Waterloo as a city of it's own despite it being a town) in 3 countries and have visited about 25+ cities. Yes, I actually did visit these countries and stayed a couple nights to learn some history and see how the locals live. Didn't do the "Pokemon collect em all" style of saying I "went" to a city when I only stayed 8 hours. I plan to see more of the world.... in nice and safe environments.... where the weather is preferably sunny and hot.

Investing has been the avenue to constantly learn. As cliche as it sounds, I view investing not just as a financial activity using financial capital but also using time and effort for compounding results. Whether it's investing to read books, to travel, to meet new people or find companies, it's with the purpose of compounding my own knowledge base to go to sleep smarter than when I woke up each day.

So you want more of me?

If you've made it down this far it means you've been able to swallow all the narcissistic self-talk about myself so thanks for being a fan. So I'll let you get more of me whichever way it entices you...

Here is my LinkedIn for professional/educational experiences. I generally only like to take stances on things I've experienced so this is a way for you to validate.

To follow my powerlifting training and world travels you can check out my Instagram. Because, like Rome, these quads weren't build in a day.

For those curious, this is what where my time is invested NOW

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